The 10 strangest Fiverr buyer requests ever

On some freelancing sites, workers like me will face some strange job ads and requests (and gigs, for that matter).

Probably the biggest source for off-the-wall freelance requests is Fiverr. In no particular order, these requests come from my personal experience as well as entries on the Fiverr forum. Enjoy!

  1. Someone talk to me in Chinese for at least 30 minutes.
  2. I had to draw a mustache on, write something on the palms of my hands and dance (only waist up). I had fun doing that.
  3. Send me a perfect wife.
  4. Sing a song while swimming in full clothing.
  5. In my case so far the weirdest was this guy who sent me a picture of his beard face asking me to shave his face in photoshop and replace it with different styles of beard… so he can pick a style that looks good on him.
  6. I think the weirdest gig is the one I am doing now I have to write and record a song and mimic the gibberish the toy Furby sings.
  7. He wants me to sit in an ice cold bath for ten minutes with my shoes on, and he wants me to crack eggs into my shoes and walk around in them for 10 minutes.
  8. Do video message to a lost bulb of garlic named Carl and post it to Youtube.
  9. Hit themselves in the face with cream pies.
  10. Wear a mud mask for me and while it’s on stick their tongue out at me in a video.

I hope this post gave you a nice chuckle!

What sort of strange requests have you come across in your freelancing journey? I’d love to hear your stories! They might end up in a future post! 

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Happy freelancing and we’ll talk again next week!

– Adam


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