One Worker Office – How to Cope with Freelancing Lonliness


Hello, my dear freelancers. Hope your week is going well!

My “office” (meaning my living room couch and lap) is often a lonely place during the 9-5 hours, though my wife is sweet enough to visit during lunch.

I used to be fairly close with my co-workers back in my newspaper days. Even in the workplaces where I wasn’t particularly close to my officemates, I still miss having people around me in my workplace.

As it happens, after doing a little bit of research, it seems I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Here’s how to cure your one-man (or woman) office blues!

Interact Online

The Folks at Freelance Mag have a few great suggestions regarding staying connected to the “outside world,” not the least of which is the tried and true method of modern freelancing – connecting online.

Try hosting a Google Hangout or chat with your friends on Facebook if you work on your computer all day (and if you’re like me, you do). I contribute to the Warrior Forum as well as Reddit, and those have also put me in touch with some good people who share my interests.

Keep your hobby alive

When I’m not writing, I like to play board games, read, play the guitar, juggle…all kinds of things, really.

Since I’ve moved from a town of 3,500 people to a much bigger city, I’m afforded and grateful for more opportunities to do express myself through the things I love. I haven’t yet seized many of these opportunities, but I sincerely invite you to schedule some time to devote to your hobbies, and I’ll do my utmost to do the same.

Take care of yourself

This might not lead to a whole lot of social interaction in and of itself, but it will certainly help you in the long run. Taking care of your health and appearance are critical when it comes to your own self-esteem. The better you feel, the more approachable you will be, and when that happens, you’ll not only turn out better work but find that good social interactions will follow when the time comes and you won’t be quite as lonely as you once were.

What do you do to cope with the solitude of freelancing? Discuss in the comments below! 

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Happy freelancing and we’ll talk again next week!

– Adam


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