My Freelancing Software: Inqscribe

Happy 2015, my dear readers! I hope the new year is treating you well so far.

I was inspired by a recent post from Freelance Writing Gigs detailing a number of apps freelancers can use to better organize their business.

With that in mind, I think it’s a good idea to take a look at some of the software I use to do what I do! I’ll start with one of my tried and true transcription software, Inqscribe!


Inqscribe is available for free in an unlicensed, stripped-down version and a full version for $99 USD.

Inqscribe’s best feature, in my eyes, is the ability to create “triggers” on the keyboard for frequently typed phrases. For example, if I’m transcribing a TV show for one of my clients and a character laughs, I’d usually type something like [laughs]. Rather than having to type out the entire caption each and every time, I can simply press something like 5 and [laughs] pops up. It’s not unlike the macros system for Microsoft Word.

Now, it doesn’t take a long time to type that out, but anytime you can shave off a little time in the transcribing process is a good thing. Additionally, you can pause with the keyboard, change the playback speed, skip back a few seconds, among other functions synced up to any key you’d like – and that’s just the free version!

There are a few drawbacks, just like any bit of software. You can’t save your work in the program itself, meaning you have to copy and paste it to Microsoft Word. That’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it can get annoying if you have to make an adjustment to timestamps or even just keeping everything as consolidated as possible. Sometimes Inqscribe can be picky when it comes to speed changes. For example, I find I usually work best when I have the audio slowed slightly so I can match my typing better with talking speed. However, some files – and it’s no type of file in particular – won’t allow me to change its speed, which is annoying.

Admittedly, I’m probably nitpicking a little, but there really isn’t much I can say when it comes to cons to Inqscribe, especially when it comes to the price.

I haven’t found any transcribing software I like quite as much, so if I were to recommend any single piece of software to transcribers, it’s definitely Inqscribe.

I hope you find this info useful, and if there’s any other software or site you’d like me to try and review, I’m always open to suggestions!

What software do you use in your transcribing business? Leave a comment below!

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Happy freelancing and we’ll talk again next week!

– Adam



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2 thoughts on “My Freelancing Software: Inqscribe

  1. Alex January 14, 2015 at 9:58 am Reply

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your thoughtful review of InqScribe. We’re glad to hear you’re generally pleased with our software. Just to clarify- you can save your transcripts using either a full, paid license or our 14-day trial license. It’s only in the unlicensed, free mode of InqScribe that you won’t be able to save.

    Anyway, thanks again for your write-up. If you ever have questions about InqScribe, or if you run into any issues, just shoot us an email at

    Community Manager, InqScribe


    • Adam January 14, 2015 at 11:26 am Reply

      That’s a fair point, Alex. Thank you for clarifying for my readers and I, and thanks for such a handy product.


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