The Ballad of Three Strike Caesar

Hey, everyone!

I’ve just recently passed my full first year of freelancing as a writer, transcriber, editor and more. On this journey, I’ve encountered my fair share of odd requests as well as fairly routine requests phrased in the strangest ways possible.

Some clients are a pleasure to work with. Others are a little eccentric but are still pleasant enough. Still others have the most eccentric way of attempting to voilate the Terms of Service of a website as a way of getting your personal information before any money has changed hands, thus making me suspect whether or not there’s any work at all.

I’ve seen the third type of client but once and I suspect it won’t happen again. Therefore, I present for your entertainment the ballad of Three-Strike Caesar.

It started out pretty innocently. I call him Caesar because of the way he talks; I like to imagine he’s saying these in this booming, pontificating olde tyme politican voice.


Kind of a weird way to say it, but okay.



Mmm, red flag there, your highness. Giving out your e-mail address is against the Fiverr Terms of Service, and I’m not about to put part of my livelihood in jeopardy.

I should probably tell him you can attach files and send them to me through Fiverr.



At this point, I suspect he’s trying to mine my email, which I don’t just give to anyone. I like to keep that spam folder clear and my email from subscribing to any number of awful websites.

Also, I like how he has to specify that an NDA is a non-discolsure agreement. I’ve been at this a while, man. And even if I wasn’t, you didn’t need to say it twice.



Again with the NDA.

It would have been nice to work with – his words, not mine – a “Dynamic film producer and and business entrepreneur in California,” but not at the cost of losing my Fiverr account and my personal information.


And there you have it. I’d never met someone so bent on doign things the wrong way. I’m happy to work with most anyone, but there’s only so much I’d be willing to sacrifice.

But wait. It continues!

My dear friend Caesar ordered a screenwriting gig from me. Only to cancel it and say he needed a novel. I agreed to cancel the order. He rejected the cancellation and then requested the cancellation again.

I haven’t heard from him since the order was cancelled. The second time.

Thanks for tuning in, folks!

Do you have any funny/strange client stories? Discuss in the comments below! 

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Happy freelancing and we’ll talk again next week!

– Adam


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