Freelancing In The News: Top 5 things NOT to do as a freelancer (that I’m probably guilty of)

Good morning, my fellow freelancers!

I recently stumbled upon an article from The Huffington Post detailing 69 things not to do as a freelancer. If you want to read the whole article, here is the link.

For today’s post, though, I’ll go over a few of the points that really stood out to me. And by stood out to me, I mean I’m guilty of and should probably be sent to Freelancer Jail or something.

1. Don’t Work Around The Clock

Well, Harrison Ford, then you’re doing it wrong.

I admit I’m guilty of this. One of my biggest clients is a transcription company and transcription is a very time-consuming process. As such, I have a tendency to get over-eager and take on more work than I should. This doesn’t do much for my already-slim social life, and really, we need that. I know sometimes I get burnt out and since I’m more or less in charge of my own schedule at this point, it’s kind of my own fault.

You need a life, too!

2. Ask Yourself If You’re Good Enough

I think I’ve mentioned this before on the site, but I’m a textbook overthinker. I sometimes overanalyze a job and make it seem bigger than it really is. My wife, God bless her, is always quick to tell me I can do it, and we as freelancers need to remember to tell ourselves that, too, from time to time.



3. Hit a Plateau

While I make enough to cover my bills and sometimes have a little extra, I do struggle with this. I really should strive for bigger and higher-paying clients more than I do and encourage you all to do the same. Never stop growing!

4. Say Yes to Everything

Oh, crap, as I’m going down this list I’m finding more and more things I’m guilty of.

I do tend to be a bit of a “yes man” in the different sense of the term…



Yeah, kinda like that. Not every project is going to bring you satisfaction and you may not have the skillset, client-freelancer patience or time to complete a certain job. For whatever reason, learn when to say no to work. I might have to cover this one in more depth later on.

5. Worry

I struggle with this a lot. I happen to be a Christian and a big part of my faith is relying on God’s providence as He is the one in control of all things. I’ve come to the recent conclusion that I’m something of a control freak, and it takes nothing short of contsant reminders that there’s really no point in worrying about something you can’t change.

Credit/ (I feel like this should be embroidered, by the way)

(I feel like this should be embroidered, by the way)

Those are but a few things I’m guilty of on this particular list. I’m glad I read it and called myself out on a few things. I’m hoping this helps in the future and hope it was just as useful to you as it was to me.

What are some bad freelancing habits you’ve picked up and how are you working to fix them? Discuss in the comments below! 

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Happy freelancing and we’ll talk again next week!

– Adam


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