A PSA about Plagiarism



Throughout my journey as a freelancer, I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend.

I’ve noticed more and more prospects and clients are my services as well as that of who knows how many others across the Internet to do their homework for them.

I recently had an encounter with such a client, but unlike others, I caught this particular client in an act of plagiarism.

My client had an order in the queue in Fiverr. Depending on the workload, sometimes I work a little bit on each project or sometimes I take the highest priority, closest-deadline project on before doing anything else. In this case, it’s the latter.

It was fairly late in the project by the time I got around to this particular project – a screenplay based on a short story the client wrote (or at least I’m under that assumption). I glanced through it and thought it could be a bit of fun to construct a comic screenplay out of it when I looked at the top of the paper, I noticed a rather large red flag – the client left his full name, what I assume is a student ID number and the name of the professor to which the work was submitted on the top of the paper.

I sent a message to my client asking whether or not this was part of his class.

At least he was honest.

At this point, I had a dilemma. This student might have served me his head on a silver platter. I had his name, his ID number, his teacher’s name and contact information…I could have reported him to his professor and who knows what could happen from there?

I mean, sure, that would teach him a lesson, but it could also ruin a great many things for him, and frankly having something like that weighing on my conscience, in retrospect, is not something I could live with.

Instead, I issued a severe warning, submitting this cancellation request.

This assignment was next in my queue and I planned to work on it today. However, I was not told up-front this was an assignment for school, and I have made it my personal policy to refuse service to anyone I catch trying to use [it] to unfairly further their academic efforts.
I find paying to have your schoolwork done for you dishonest and unfair to me, to you and to the [redacted].
I’m not going to report this to [redacted], but I need you to consider this a very serious warning. If you are caught cheating in college, depending on its severity, you could face suspension, course failure or expulsion.
Before you pay someone to do your homework again, I would think very, very hard about what you’re putting at risk.
“Types of Cheating
…However, plagiarism or using someone else’s words as your own is another form of cheating taken seriously by all colleges…Buying a paper online from a website or using a friend’s old paper also counts as plagiarism.”
So to the students out there, I issue this same warning. I like to think any other freelancer would take the same action I would, but maybe there are those out there who will catch you and will take more severe action than I did.
Plagiarism is bad, bad news and is always treated seriously, especially in academic settings. I don’t want this to be a lesson in how not to get caught but rather as a cautionary tale.
Having other people do your homework for you could ruin your academic and professional careers and it’s not a matter of if it will catch up with you, but when.
Do the right thing and write for yourselves. Thank you, and I’ll talk to you next week.
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– Adam


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