The Typwrittr Experiment


Good morning, my dear readers.

I’m writing this week’s post through a “typing environment” known as Typwrittr as an experiment. I want to test a new type of working environment than what I’m used to, hoping to find a virtual workspace to maximize concentration and efficiency. So far, it seems to be working well.
Typwrittr, for those of you who haven’t tried it yet, is a word processor of sorts. It has more atmosphere than the average Word document page in the fact that you can choose a background to provide inspiration or simply act as a less intrusive way to personalize your virtual work environment (it even goes so far as to offer “paper” design options – something I would have never considered). Additionally, Typwrittr has a cloud storage system that allows you to not only save your preferences but also a number of documents – called “books” – as you work.
As I type, I’m using the background you see in the picture above on full screen.
Additionally, I’ve come to realize it’s difficult for me to work in complete silence, and yet I’ve also found certain types of noise like music or YouTube videos, unfortunately, are sometimes more of a distraction than they are welcome sounds. As such, I’ve paired Typwrittr with white noise, and I’ll supply the link of specific white noise I used for this experiment here.
Having Typwrittr on full screen keeps my eyes on my writing and helps me not only to spot errors more easily and quickly, but I also find the words coming a bit easier as well. In this space, it’s just me, my words and the art of my choosing (though as I wrote this particular line, an email notification made its presence known, which is my own darn fault for leaving those on during the experiment).
The white noise is un-intrusive and just noisy enough to listen to something other than the sound of my own breathing and the clack-clacking of the keys on my laptop. I know some people care to work in more or less silence, but I happen to find it rather jarring.
The only negative side I can see with Typwrittr so far is the lack of basic formatting capabilities. On the other hand, that may be straying from the point of what Typwrittr is – a minimalist work environment designed to inspire writing and minimize possible distractions and irritations. Nothing more, nothing less.
In short, my makeshift writing cocoon proved to be an interesting experiment in virtual work environments, and I’d encourage those who are easily distracted (like myself) to give this a try sometime. I know I’ve probably written this blog post in record time (update: yes, in about half the time it normally takes) just due to the fact that I’ve more or less virtually isolated myself for the moment and just focused on writing out my thoughts. It may not always be what I’m looking for given my specific formatting needs, but for what it is, it works wonderfully (especially if you add white noise to it, too).
For now, I’d better get out of my writing cocoon and talk to you all next Wednesday. And by Wednesday, I mean occasionally on Thursday.

What are your work environment hacks? Discuss in the comments below!

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– Adam


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