Keeping A Professional Profile: The Train Incident

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Here’s a cautionary tale for you courtesy of Buzzfeed (link to the article is here). Matthew Buckland is the talent head of Forward Partners, a venture capital firm. He was on the train communting to work when he stepped to one side to let a passenger off before he exited the crowded train himself. Unfortunately for him and for the passenger directly behind him, he stepped to one side in front of a disgruntled, hurried commuter. This commuter took it upon himself to shove Matthew.

“At Monument station, I stood to one side to let someone else off the train first and I think he thought I was just standing in his way,” he told BuzzFeed.

“He pushed and I turned, I explained I was getting off too but he pushed past and then looked back and suggested I might like to [woah, Nelly, this is a family blog.] myself…which might have been true but not before a few cups of coffee.”

Fast forward to 5:30 that evening when who should walk in to the Forward Partners office for an interview but our disgruntled commuter.

Matthew asked the commuter, who appeared not to recognize him, how his morning commute was. I think that was when it clicked.

Once it did, Matthew and the commuter shared their hatred for riding the train to work and went about their day. I might not have been quite as forgiving as Matthew was.

Ultimately, our commuter didn’t get the job, but the lesson of the story is this: be nice to people. You never know who you’ll end up working for.

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