Blogging in No Time!

Hello, my dear readers!

On the record, my lack of post last week was my April Fool’s Day gift from me to you!

Off the record, I was inundated with a series of quickly approaching deadlines, none of which were about to whoosh past me!

hun army mulan

Artist’s depiction of Adam’s deadlines.

This week’s topic was rather poignant and I happened to find it searching Buffer (which I’ll discuss at a later date).

Among the suggested material I should post on my business social media was a post by Michael Hyatt called ” How to Blog if You Don’t Have Time.”

Well, isn’t that appropriate.

Often times, I find myself so wrapped up in other projects I forget about writing on my blog. And to my readers, however many you happen to be, I apologize. Please don’t take my absence personally.

With that said, Hyatt reminds me and other freelancers and writers (not aspiring writers; writers. If you write, you’re a writer. End of.):

1. You’re in charge of your schedule. You are the one who has to find time to update your readers on goings-on or share the latest recipe, crocheting pattern, game walkthrough — whatever! Even if it’s just a little time here and there throughout  the week, that little time adds up. Like any investment, lots of little things add up to one big thing. If need be, set a timer and dedicate a spot of time each day to write for your site.

2. Keep your subject close. If your site is about knitting (and writing and crocheting, as noted here), knit and think about what other knitters want to know. If an idea pops into your head, mark your place and write the idea down. Maybe you won’t get around to writing the idea for a little while yet, but it’s best to capture it whenever and however you can.

3. Stay focused. I realize this comes from someone who is his own worst enemy sometimes when it comes to finding new and creative ways to not tackle an unpleasant task, but bear with me. Even if you’re just pouring out a stream of consciousness onto your paper or screen, you’re writing, and through that writing sprouts ideas. Think of it as practice. And who knows? These little bits of consciousness writing could help you turn out your next blog post – or two or three!

For more information, check out Hyatt’s writing here!

How do you keep at it on your blog? Discuss in the comments below!

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– Adam


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