Staying Social and Sane



Hello, my dear readers!

I often joke that since I went freelance I’ve become something of a hermit who occasionally exits the cave to forage for food.

I was inspired to write on how to maintain a more social life as a freelancer by a post from PeoplePerHour. It’s a fine site to work through. Thanks, PPH!

Thanks to the following tips, you, too, can have a social life and work freelance!

1. Go Outside

This doesn’t mean take your laptop, coffee and various and sundry work items to get things done on your porch or deck (not that that’s a bad thing). Angela West of Web Designer Depot says she tries to take a little time each day to re-socialize, whether it’s leaving the house for a workout, a coffee break, a quick walk or drive…whatever. I think it’s fair to say we could all use a little human interaction throughout the day. Even if you can get out for a few minutes, it’s good for you. Little investments of time add up, after all.

2. Volunteer

A volunteer organization is an excellent way to become more socially aware, especially if you’re like me and have spent a majority of your waking hours writing, alone. I’ve never really considered myself a terribly socially anxious person, but I know for some, that’s a problem. West recommends the Toastmasters as an organization that can help you brush up on your public speaking skills, which may help considerably in easing your nerves when meeting other people or introducing yourself in a number of settings.

3. Pick up a Hobby

If there’s anything I’ve learned through my research for this post, it’s that I’m not alone when it comes to devoting too much time to my work. So, what is one to do if one isn’t working? I’ve been fortunate enough to find among my wife and I’s things a saxophone she used to play. Now, once a day, I take a break to play a little bit and learn something new. A change in activity really awakens the mind and helps multiple aspects of your life.

In your pursuit of work, it’s really important to keep your personal life well nourished. Taking time for yourself to reconnect with your loved ones or to try something new will do your body, mind and heart a world of good.

What do you do to stay sane as a solo worker? Discuss in the comments below! 

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– Adam


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